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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 16, 2013 242
Sleeping pack!!
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I am one of the dedicated users of the Laniege sleeping pack. I find the texture really light and watery and it absorbs easily into the skin. I hate anything oily and heavy on my face and this sleeping pack is a god send for my oily skin. Even if you have oily skin, you need to moisturise!!! I put it on and the next morning, my skin is all radiant and glowy. It's really amazing isn't it? I've heard that some people did not see the effects they wanted but there are so many different skin types and conditions and you really have to try it for yourself to see what works for you and what does not.

The sleeping pack is the only product I use from this brand. It improved the appearance of my skin and I use it religiously every night. Whenever a friend or relative goes to Korea, they would definitely know what I want them to get me. It's much cheaper there in Korea so if you are heading there, stock up on the waterpacks!! There are brick and mortar stores in Singapore as well and you can always ask for samples before committing to the full-sized tub.

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