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Overall Rating 
This is by far one of the best affordable korean beauty brands that I have used. My friend bought numerous Laniege products in South Korea and thanks to her, I got to use many samples given to her as a result. Certainly, Laniege have lived up to my expectations.

I have always preferred bb creams over foundations, and I am picky about bb cream brands because most of them only provide very sheer coverage. I had half-expected Laniege's snow bb cream to provide sheer coverage, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did it provide decent coverage, it felt light on my skin as well.

The crowning Laniege product would have to be the water bank moisture cream. It kept my skin moisturized and significantly reduced facial sebum (I have combination skin), leaving my face feeling fresh and soft. I also noticed a decrease in acne outbreak after religiously using their water bank series. I know of people who stand firm by the water sleeping pack, but it did not do much for me.

I would recommend purchasing Laniege products in Seoul instead of Singapore - the price difference could save you from burning a hole in your wallet.

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Water bank moisture cream, Large range of products for different skin types
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Plaza Singapura
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