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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 16, 2013 361
Light and simple
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A brand I've started using 2years back. I was in Seoul and because Laneige's advertisement is like splashed everywhere, I decided to give its magic a try. I remember walking into the store ( in myeong dong) and was greeted by this 'beautiful' man. His complexion was oh-so-flawless that for a moment, I felt embarrassed as a woman. Anyways, after much cheerful blabbering in his non-understandable English, I decided to buy the set he was recommending in hope to achieve his standard of complexion.

Using it religiously for the next 3 weeks, I was totally convinced of its good effect. Unlike the other facial products I've used, the water bank series is very light and my skin absorbs the goodness very quickly so I do not need to wait for minutes to apply the next cream. My skin feels cleaner and more supple these days, seeing lesser outbreak of acne too. It's a trusted skincare product I dearly hold on to and will recommend to all of you.

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