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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 15, 2013 387
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I have used quite a number of L'oreal products over the last few years, but I usually use their conditioners most often. L'oreal is really good at doing product advertisements and they frequently use a lot of models to front their products but sadly, I don't really like their conditioners very much. Apart from having lots of hype, I think their conditioners are normal at best. It's nothing too fanciful and it does its job well, but there's just nothing about it that stands out or would make me excited to return to stores to get it again.

The part that I do like about L'oreal though, is that they are quite a renowned brand that deals in a lot of beauty products but yet still offers their items at inexpensive prices. They are affordable even for students like me, which makes it a very attractive option. My mum used to speak quite well about L'oreal but sadly I cannot do the same! I hope to see better from the brand, but as of now, I will still continue to use their stuff because really, I do not have any major cause for complain.

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