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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 15, 2013 244
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Loreal products never really appealed to me. Their skincare all smell so artificially fragranced! Their stuff just looks so tacky and unappealing to me. Their lipsticks smell of this weird waxy smell? and when I swatched it, it was kinda gummy and odd. I don't think I want to put that weird stuff on my lips. Their magic lucent BB cream was sheer and useless. Tried a sample of it and threw the rest of it away. Powders are alright I guess but it could be more finely milled. Blushes are boring and made up of the same few colors... nothing exciting overall.

Saw a new lip product called the Shine Caresse but it smelled kinda weird so I did not buy it. Despite not liking Loreal, my mom once bought Loreal's eye and lip makeup remover and it was surprisingly good. It still cannot beat my pink Biore bottle but it changed my perception of the brand a little. Recently I tried the Youth Code Eye Essence and I must say that it's really good and helpful. I might consider looking into the brand again.
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