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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 15, 2013 249
One of my favourite brands
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When I was younger, the first thing that comes to my mind about L’Oreal is their whitening moisturizer. It is the first whitening cream that I have used that comes in day and night. I was really tanned back then as I was totally into sports and the sun. However I started to find myself having breakouts and looking really dark. I was really thankful that the L’Oreal cream that my sis gave me really worked for me, for the first time at least. I managed to go back few tones fairer than before. Sad to say, it kind of only worked for me for the first bottle I got. The subsequent bottles seem to have no effect.

And then as I become older, L’Oreal came to mean something different, hair care. Everyone was raving about their hair treatment like mythic oil, L’Oreal salon treatment, hair mask etc. I bought one of its masks but it doesn't seem to work. I would probably try its highly raved mythic oil though.

Despite some disappointments, it will still be one of my favorite brands.
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