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Cosmetics & Bodycare P poppy February 15, 2013 387
looking at the hair products...
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L'Oreal's hair products are constantly recommended by my hairdresser and this brand is also what her hair salon uses to wash customers' hair. However, I do feel that L'Oreal's range of hair products tend to be slightly strong as they are usually used for treatment purposes and should be avoided being used as a daily hair shampoo and conditioner regime.

Also, as my hair can be classified as being on the oily side even though with the proper treatment, it has improved greatly, I cannot use certain hair products as I feel that they make my hair feel heavier and greasier, which is a disgusting feeling, as you just want to bathe again. :/ L'Oreal's products tend to cause such a feeling, albeit slight, to my hair, therefore if you have a hair condition like mine, I recommend using other products/ using L'Oreal sparingly. However, not all is entirely negative as their Absolut Repair Cellular range is rather good and has a pretty okay smell to it, not entirely overwhelming. Be warned though, it is quite expensive for one tiny bottle, and for me, I would rather spend the same amount of money on a different brand!
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