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Cosmetics & Bodycare H haziyah-ali April 04, 2013 394
Scents so soothing you'd sleep like a baby
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Even as a child, I had a bodycare routine - which mainly consisted of Johnson's Baby, Johnson's Baby, and more Johnson's Baby. I apologize for killing any intrigue.

As a child, I was particularly taken with their body wash. I think my parents have only ever bought the Bubble Body Wash (the one which comes in the form of a big, blue bottle), and I used to play with the blue viscous liquid all the time in the bath, which definitely aggravated my family to no ends I suppose. I also used the shampoo from Johnson's Baby, and after my shower, my mother would top it off with a light sprinkle of their baby powder.

I suppose there's a reason why Johnson's Baby is so wildly popular - not just amongst infants, but also among grown-ups - and it's probably because the products by Johnson's Baby always smell so simple, yet so soothing and amazing.

Even now, their baby powder retains a firm spot in my bathroom cupboard, and I still use their body wash on the odd occasions when my family decides that The Body Shop is out of our budget.
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