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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 20, 2014 406
Will leave your hair smelling lush all day
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I’m surprised that I even recognise Herbal Essences anymore, they’ve changed their packaging more times than I can remember, but I always make sure that they’re the brand I decide to go with when taming my mane of hair. There are about a million different flavours, all doing different things so frankly I just pick whichever has the nicest looking bottle nowadays, they all probably do the same thing anyway, right?

The new packaging means that all the bottles have witty names, for example the one for long hair is called ‘Long term relationship’, and if I love anything in this world it’s hair products that don’t take life too seriously. Every time I use their products my hair smells like the perfume section of Sephora, and there’s something weirdly nice about having someone say to you that your hair smells like fruit. The conditioner makes my life worth living, it doesn’t make my hair greasy no matter how much I use, and actually leaves my hair feeling almost soft. A miracle for a frizzball like me.

My favourite thing about HE, has got to be the price. It’s always one of the cheapest hair care options and they last for ages. Cheerful, good quality, and super cheap? It’s a no brainer to me as to why HE is my favourite.
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