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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 20, 2014 403
Drier Hair
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I totally agree with many other reviewers about the essence-less of herbal essence. Initially I thought it was only me, now it seems like I have found my friends.

I first tried herbal essence many years back and have stopped using them since then, unless I have small sachets of samples. I was rather young and was very intrigued by their commercials as well. In particular, they always show how those girls have extremely smooth and bouncy hair and how they have this range that specializes in targeting dry hair. I had very coarse and curly hair, cut in a mushroom shape (yes) and was so happy when my sister actually bought their shampoo home. And so, I used her shampoo without asking and got my retribution - drier hair.

It was really surprising to me how that shampoo, which targets dry hair, could actually make it worse. And I seriously thought it was just my hair, now I know.
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