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Herbal Not Much Essence
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Overall Rating 
Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners usually comes in an intriguing package. Their bottles are eye catching what with it’s vibrant colours. The colours used may serve as a purpose to lure the attention of those seeking for shampoos or conditioners. That strategy of theirs was deemed successful for I, personally, was drawn into the myriad of colours displaying Herbal Essences portion on the racks. After being lured towards those bottles, I began to check out it’s contents.

The person responsible for Herbal Essences product design was one who seemed to think out of the box for every corners and details wrapped around any Herbal Essences product. The contents were showcased in an intriguing manner. Even the choice of words used there were ones that would spur curiosity amongst many; ‘ Tousle Me Softly’ and ‘Color Me Happy’ etc. Doused with supreme curiosity from it’s colours to it’s contents, I purchased several bottles of Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner.

Both the shampoo and conditioner had an impressively strong aromatic scent. The bottle that was purple in colour had a delicious grape scent just as it was advertized/labeled. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed by it’s products apart from the aromatic scent contained within it. The shampoo didn’t seem to serve it’s purpose as a shampoo. Neither did the conditioner. My hair felt like it hadn’t been shampooed for centuries after I used this shampoo for several days. So itchy!

Usually, conditioners transforms hair into one that is silky smooth and tangle-free upon usage. That wasn’t the case when it comes to Herbal Essences conditioner. It was the exact opposite. Apparently, Herbal Essences products seemed and felt much more like an innovatively packed form of H20 sprayed with delicious fruity scents.
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