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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 20, 2014 403
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Herbal essence, supposedly, was meant to have anti-dandruff and hair care properties. I mean, its comprised on herbs and herbs are supposed to be healthy and good right? Wrong, it turned out to be.

Ever since puberty, I had plenty of problems with dandruff. Every 3 days, it seems I could create a dandruff shower with a flick of my head. It'd be cool if it were snow, but unfortunately dead skin did not appeal to anyone around me, hence the need to source for a solution. I turned to Herbal Essence, and began using it regularly for the next few months.

There are both good and bad points about the shampoo, in my opinion. What I really liked was the nice aroma that permeates the room I'm in. I actually got complimented about my hair and I loved going to sleep since my hair is in such proximity that I could take in the smell. However, the proclaimed herbal properties did not improve my dandruff problem. Instead, my skin got flakier and drier and I rained a bigger storm of dandruff.

Over the course of time though, I realised you can't depend on shampoos anymore. My dandruff problem improved tremendously after I got botak and spent loads of time in the sun during BMT. This, indeed, toughened my scalp and actually made it healthier (Though there was the itchiness and initial bigger shower of dead skin flakes!).
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