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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 20, 2014 363
Luscious Thick Hair?
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I remembered purchasing Herbal Essences' shampoo after being introduced to it during my early teenage years. I remembered getting all excited for it as it was my first shampoo brand that tore me away from my Johnson&Johnson baby shampoo, which my mum was adamant on making me use throughout my adolescent.

Herbal Essence has a range of shampoos and conditioners which may just leave you at awe, and hair smelling oh-so-yummy. I personally like all their flowery scented shampoos. Their line of products never failed to give me that luscious thick hair everyone wanted.

Sadly, after a few months, I was left with a flaky scalp and dried up hair. Apparently, prolonged use of their "strong" shampoo caused my scalp and to be stripped of the natural oil. It was upsetting because I have grown to love their products but had to eventually say goodbye. Though I do recommend anyone who doesn't have sensitive scalp to give them a try.
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