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Cosmetics & Bodycare E edlyn-seow January 17, 2014 364
Great Use For Beauty Junkies
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Does anyone remember the time, about a year or two ago, when BIfesta was promoting their makeup remover on Facebook? All you had to do was like their page and you will automatically be eligible to get one of their makeup remover sample to be posted to your doorstep. I have to admit, that was one hell of a great marketing idea. Not only will they be able to promote the products but also use the word of mouth and IT savvy individuals to help them along with it.

Their makeup remover is great to completely rid off all those waterproof and stubborn makeup. And they do live up to the fact that you don't have to wash your face after. But, I still recommend everyone to wash their faces to remove excess dirt and bacteria from a day out. And because it's water-based, it was a breeze to remove all the built-up makeup without leaving you with those tired looking skin after.

I personally like that they have a range of makeup removers catered to the needs of different individuals. However, I did find my love of makeup remover products from another brand now.

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