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Cosmetics & Bodycare C cheryl-amanda February 19, 2016 185
A Temporary Cure For An Oily Scalp
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When I was studying in the UK, frequent trips to the supermarket left me in awe of the various scents and types of Batiste Dry Shampoo. In some ways, this was a godsend. Due to the chilly weather, I only washed my hair once in every two days. Yet, there were occasions when I’d experience an uncomfortable oily scalp. This was when my trusty Batiste Shampoos stepped in. In just 2-3 sprays, expect your scalp to feel fresh and nicely scented as the special formula quickly absorbs all grease.

However, this tends to last for only up to 2 hours before your head begins to feel heavy with oil again. Occasionally, you can expect a streak of white residue, so remember to do a quick check before you head out of the house.

The line of Batiste Dry Shampoos is pretty expansive so I’d recommend the Fresh & Flirty Blush Scent for an incredibly and Hint of Colour: Deep, Dark Brown if you’d like to guarantee a prevention of unsightly streaks from the product.

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