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Slimming & Skincare D david-tan November 03, 2012 4009
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Overall Rating 
I always hunt for good skin care deal hoping to find reliable centre for my monthly treatments. I tried the trial for the special deal and on first visit they will run analysis my skin and the standard comment of "so and that so and so". I acknowldeged as someone who is past 50 , i know my skin condition isnt flawless. and yes the same comments says i need more hydration and treatment to reduce pigments and yadda yadda. I was coerced for an hour to take their package worth $3,888 promising 30 special treatment which only available to first trial day. I said i dont like to make big purchase on first visit and they came out with creative idea saying i can tag on another customer package so I can use the same special price with half the total session. Sounds ok to me so i signed up paying half as offer.
then the nighmare started. My beauty therapist will be constantly encourage me to come weekly saying my skin will see more visible results if i do the treatment more regularly instead of once a month. I tried to defer as i m just looking at monthly maintenance session so i play dumb. Then on my 3rd visit, my beautician starts to sell me another package saying additional treatments (vitamin c and depigmentation) will help since my skin hydration has improved,.I recalled their promise is that their full treatments already covers all and they just alternate different treatment as time goes depending on my skin readiness,. Here she tries to hard sell so much which i say i need time to reconsider and discuss in another time, then her supervisor came in bluntly say 'oh its specially cater for you and IS A EXCELLENT OFFER PRICE" . Like what its goddamm $3K+ for another 20 sessions, and I was so boiling inside. In my head, this is truly absurd hardselling style and taking advantage on customer.
So be warned if anyone looking to try the first time at NYSS. Be prepared with their constant hard-sell tactics!!!!
I will not renew the next one and try to use up the remaining sessions i have. My luck.

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