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The beauty consultant kept on push me to buy packages even though I already have existing package going on which still have many session can last for more than a year. So ended up I have bought too many sessions can last for few years. Then one day, she called me in the room and told me I only left 2 sessions and it's time to buy another package. I was utterly surprised because according to my record I still suppose to have 11 sessions.
Then I request to show me the record to tally my past visit dates and calculate the number of sessions. Then she open the computer (at the same time, she mention customer actually not suppose to see the content in the computer. What? your customer not suppose to know what I've been paid for?!!). Then in her computer system it shows there are 5 sessions left for me (so I don't know how come she told me I only have 2 sessions left. Maybe just want to test whether I am a dumb customer that just lose track of how many times I've attended the facial session). So there are still 6 sessions shortage from my record.

THEN the fabrication story telling start from the beauty consultant. She said that we may have misunderstanding when I signed up the last package. The time when I signed up last package, all my previous left over session has been removed/forfeited in order to fit my budget to give me a special price (I paid $1,600+ for 10 sessions of basic hydro facial treatment). Isn't that absurd? I swear to god that was definitely not been told to me when I signed up the last package. And I never mentioned I have a budget when I signed up the package. (Honestly, why I spend $1,600+ for 10 sessions of basic facial when my 6 sessions of previous sessions will be removed? So end up I spend $1,600+ for only 4 session of facial? I agreed for a SPECIAL package that cost $400+/facial session??! It's absurd!) And then she said that If there's any misunderstanding, she's sorry about it. But her record is final and not negotiable. And then she even want to push another package for me using the same crude selling technique by telling me they want to give me special discount for long time customer which I rejected immediately.

I've been their customer for years and they really break the trust and so disappointed and regret being engaging their service in so many years.

A place only aim for money and turns service staff to a desperate sales man. They seems have no passion on improving customer's skin condition but only when the customer buying the thousands dollars packages can make them happy.

If you are thinking about trying their service and the charge is within your budget, you can. But don't buy overlapping package that might lead to my case.

Thanks for reading.

A lost customer of NYSS

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