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Slimming & Skincare D david-tan November 03, 2012 4009
Hard-selling Destroyed the Otherwise Relaxing Experience
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Overall Rating 
As a student, I am always out hunting for new skin care products and routine – a result of the nagging from my parents to take charge of my personal grooming. I have never been to a facial before, thus after receiving a complementary session from NYSS, I made an appointment just to get a sense of what it was like. No harm trying, free what.
Boy was I in for an experience.

I had expected hard selling, but not to this extent. The consultant first starts off by asking you how you gained courage to change the condition of your skin. Obviously I replied I wanted to try out a facial, not what she mentioned. Then she started to lecture me. She employed a variety of methods. These include guilt tripping, inciting fear through amplifying the condition of your skin and promises of “student discounts that are affordable for me”. As I declined, their “evaluation” of my skin went from objective, to borderline insulting.

While the facial itself was definitely relaxing, the interaction with the consultants made the whole experience a terrible one. I felt coerced into paying for another session of facial. It was only after I paid, that they relaxed their hard selling methods by a fraction.

Definitely not looking forward to that session and not returning thereafter.
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