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Slimming & Skincare D david-tan November 03, 2012 4024
A painful experience
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Overall Rating 
I’m not a regular but I’ve been over once for their trial facial with included consultation and analysis. They did the usual hard-selling; I don’t really blame them, it’s the only way they increase their customer pool! As it was my first time receiving consultation at a skin-care centre, they were very patient in handling all the questions I was firing, explaining them nicely and slowly.

The process of the trial:
1. Cleansing
2. Mask for pore-relaxation
3. Extracting (for pimples and blackheads)
4. Application of Collagen cream (30%, not a 100 because it was just a trial….and they wanted me to get the whole package)
5. Hydrating mask
6. Clean-up
7. Application of moisturizer

The whole process was so relaxing I actually slept. My beautician was really friendly, talking to me throughout about school, life and so on but stopped when she realized I was dozing off. Which was why, I had a complete shock when they started the extraction. It was so darn painful and because I’m sensitive to pain on my face, I sneeze every single time they pricked and squeezed. I ended the session with a clogged nose and a really bruised face. Other than the painful 5 minutes, all was well.
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