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Slimming & Skincare D david-tan November 03, 2012 4008
Desperate tactics!
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Overall Rating 
New York Skin Solutions have been creating a name for themselves recently due to their large investments into their advertising and marketing. However, they are one facial salon that I will never step foot in again!

I was actually looking for a new place for facial since my package with my previous beauty salon has ended. So I was lured into texting them for a trial through their almost daily large advertisements on TODAY newspaper. Initially, the sales staff who returned my call was polite and accommodating to answer all my queries about the trial and we went ahead with fixing an appointment. Due to some work related issues, I couldn’t make it for my appointment so I called in to inform them that I’ll be calling again to arrange for another date. This time round, the lady was quite inpatient and insist I give her a date on the spot, which obviously I wouldn’t and can’t do that!

So for the next few days, they called me up twice a day to pester me for a date! Seriously! Do they have to be so desperate? When I told them that they can drop me off their list because I’m not keen in their trial anymore, guess what she replied? She told me – NO, there is no drop out after you sms us.

This led me to some thinking, if their facials are as good as they claimed, why are they so hard up for business? I have one friend who signed some eye treatment package with them and honestly, I see no difference even after she completed her package and they are always trying to hard sell to all customers and this is really irritating.
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