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Slimming & Skincare D david-tan November 03, 2012 4009
Will never step in again!
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This company gave my mother and I the worst experience ever. We signed up for New York Skin Solutions’ trial for $10, because we were looking for a new facial place at that time, and this promotion seemed like a good way to try out their services. Huge mistake.

The facial itself was alright, it was the hard-selling tactics of the beauticians that was such a complete turn off. Throughout the facial, they would not stop trying to convince us to sign their facial treatment package. My mother eventually gave in, and signed a package of 10 facials because the lady who attended to us promised to let us both use the package. I never went for another facial again, because I found it to be such a frustrating experience. My poor mother, however, had to go for all the sessions to get her money’s worth.

My mother dreads going for her facial, and after each session, she would rant to me about how the annoying beautician kept trying to get her to sign new packages. Once, the beautician tried to get my mother to sign a $9000 package for 10 facial sessions. When my mother rejected her offer with the excuse of financial difficulty, the beautician eagerly tried to work her way around the “financial difficulty” by offering my mother the same package, with 5 sessions instead of 10. Now, rather than being nice and cordial, my mother has to resort to curt replies and threats in order to get the staff to back off. I just don’t understand why there is a need for so much hard-selling. If New York’s treatments are so good, let the customer decide for themselves! Promoting is one thing, and hard-selling is quite another. New York Skin Solutions really needs to get it right before it starts scaring all its customers away!

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