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Slimming & Skincare D david-tan November 03, 2012 4024
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New York Skin Solution has left a rather positive impression in my head, looking professional both in its treatments and service. Other than the signature hard-selling by staff, which was the nature of the spa & wellness sector, I have heard mixed or rather, extreme comments about it.

When the advertisement for a $5 facial trial flashed on the television I was tempted to give it a shot, but was stopped by my mother just before entering the shop. She said she'd explain to me when i'm home and i'm glad she did. Several months ago, my mother and sister had went for a free facial trial and it was extremely effective in treating skill problems. For my mother it was wrinkles and pigmentation and for my sister, acne. The staff was meticulous, knowledgeable and there was a noticeable improvement in the skin a week after the facial. My mother was impressed, but yet cautious and decided to purchase 3 more individual facials thereafter. She shared with me how carelessly and casually the staff treated her when they knew her treatments were already paid for, which made her utterly lose respect for that very same groups of staffs. Even worse, the 3 treatments combined were not as effective as the first trial. My mother was thankful she was not persuaded by the convincing staff to purchase packages of 12 or 24.

Upon reading online reviews, I noticed a similar trend that positive reviews were mostly from newer customers and poorer reviews from frequent customers. It really says a lot about the sly business tactics to lure first-time customers into trying their top-grade products and then hypocritically treating them like dirt once the bill is settled. If you really want to try this company, go ahead, but don't go beyond the first trial.
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