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The DRx Clinic
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The DRx Group began life in aesthetics medicine with The DRx clinic in 1999 and grew from a small practice to being the first ISO 9001 certified medical aesthetic clinic. 
At The DRx Clinic, we only use Derma- Rx, a range of globally known skincare products made in US and is only attainable through prescription by our doctors. 

Known worldwide for our research on hyperpigmentation, we are also reputed for our effective treatment of acne. With our research, we have created several breakthroughs such as the DRx Rejuvenation mask, which targets and corrects skin perfections, particularly hyperpigmentation.

For more information, check out our website at for more information.

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effective scientific skincare system
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My skin was in a complete utter disaster during my exam period last year. It was so bad omg I had a plethora of pimples, blackheads, clogged pores and all that. In short, my skin was HORRENDOUS. So after my exams, I made an appointment (they take damn long to pick up calls) and went down to DRX to get my skin "fixed". My dermatologist is David Ng C H and on the first visit, I had photos taken of my bare skin before going in to see him. He pointed out my problems and prescribed a set of skincare to solve my skin's problems. I got a facial cleanser, toner, comedone formula, blemish formula, liposomal sunscreen on my first visit. My friend who came along with me got the cleanser and toner as well, but had additional products so I find it great that they prescribe products to meet your needs instead of hard-selling and piling you with unnecessary products like some clinics do.

I put all my other skincare aside and diligently followed my DRX routine. By the second week, I was seeing noticeable improvements. The pimples cleared up, my nose looked so new and my skin was glowing!!!!! The comedone formula is the BEST thing ever, it melts your blackhead/whiteheads and all that and works so much better than painful pore strips. I went for my second consultation around 1 month later and was prescribed X cream, strong lightener and a bottle of intensive lightener to clear up the scars left behind by both the old and recent pimples. I got an additional bottle of Max-C as well and omg it makes your skin glow like crazy!! It's my next favorite product after the comedone formula. The only downside is that both products smell really bad upon application but after it's all absorbed, there won't be any smell left on your skin.

You only need a little of each product each time so one bottle can easily last you around 3-4 months at least!!! After 2 months, I started introducing skincare from other brands to work together with the drx ones and so far it hasn't caused me any problems. Anyway, the cost might seem high since you're paying for the stuff at one go ($300-$400 per trip), but if you divide it over a span of 3-4 months, it's much more economical than buying random counter products that might not even work. Heck, some expensive products don't even work ok!!!!

The only drawback to this clinic is the long waiting time. My appointment was at 1:10pm and I got to see the dermatologist at like what, 2:30pm?! I was quite angry but I needed my stuff so I just had to wait lor. If you want clear skin, I would advise you to invest in trust scientific skincare systems instead of those ones at aesthetic houses. Highly-recommended!

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