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Facial & Hair Care L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 156
A frizzy haired girls BFF
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I have been a devoted GHD fan for as long as I can remember. Since getting my first pink pair or straightening irons, I have straightened, curled, and styled my hair with GHDs ever since. Since moving to Singapore, my Gold Max Styler has been my BFF. When I think that humidity will destroy my style, my GHDs always pull through and leave my hair straight for almost an entire night, impressive even when not in humid conditions because of my curly, frizzy hair.

The amount of times the automatic turning off of the irons have saved me from burning down the house are countless. When you leave them unused for too long, they turn themselves off, saving both money and the cause of a fire. The rounded edges mean that you can also curl your hair as well as straighten, without that awkward clamp mark you get with most hair curling products.

For the quality and the lifespan of the irons, the price is beyond worth it. The first pair I got about 7 years ago still work fine today, aside from where I accidentally burnt through the wire. If you have hard to tame hair, I cannot recommend a better product, there’s a reason almost all hairstylists worldwide use them in their salons.
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