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Libraries F fuujin_79 October 16, 2012 5507
Everything you need is there. (Or is it so?)
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The national libraries in Singapore - they have everything you need.
The books, the seats, and quite a number of the different branches have even a sort of cafe there - when you're hungry, there's no fear because you can grab a bite at those cafe.

The comprehensive facilities available there is highly credible - searching for books are made so easy because there's computers that that shall locate the book for you and tell you exactly on which shelf is the book found on. There is even a corner for the people to read the newspapers published on that day! How convenient and useful!

However, every time I visit the library, filled with eagerness and anticipation to be able to borrow home the latest novel that is hitting the top charts in Popular, I never fail to return home in utter dismay.

The screen says "On Loan" - and the books I have always wanted to borrow from the library is somewhat perennially never there on the shelf. Sometimes, even when I make my next visit after a longer period of time, the books is still "On Loan". (Of course, I know, it's another person this time.)

I was just wondering - maybe the library personnel could conduct a survey, and find out which books are more popular and in demand, and maybe order in larger quantities those books that are often 'On Loan'. This could lighten the mood of many disappointed (and exasperated) avid readers like myself.

Also, they could consider reinforcing a stricter discipline issues with the students studying at the libraries. Those that are not conducting actual learning, and are merely occupying the seats to sleep, or chat should not be allowed to use the tables that others might need. On the other hand, they might want to place more tables and chairs for the users. (if there's even space.)

Once these disturbing problems are duly rectified, I'm sure the library can truly become a book paradise that allows readers like us to immerse ourselves in the world of literature and lose track of time.
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