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Bedok Public Library - The Best Place For Studying, And More
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All students would know how difficult finding a good study spot can be. I don’t claim to be a picky person, but I knew the place needed good lighting, comfortable chairs, a quiet atmosphere, and good food in the area. It was by chance that I realised Bedok Public Library ticked all of these boxes.

On a typical weekend, you’ll find Bedok Library crowded with students buried in their notes, parents with excited children in tow, and uncles taking their afternoon naps in air-conditioned comfort. Personally, I love the serenity of the environment, which is broken only by occasional snores or children’s shrieks. It brings my productivity levels to a record high. In terms of makan choices nearby, this place wins hands down. Unlike other studying spots I’ve been to, Bedok Library is within a stone’s throw of hawker centres, coffee shops, and numerous food outlets, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Add in stuff about free wifi, power points / what would your friend want to know about the place?

Besides being a great spot for studying, you should drop by to borrow Malay books from its extensive collection. An entire area is dedicated solely to Malay books and audiovisual materials, making its catalogue the biggest one you can find in Singapore’s public libraries.can add smth about how bedok was a traditionally malay area // link to “bedok” and drumbeats calling people to the mosque for prayer

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