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Libraries F fuujin_79 October 16, 2012 5228
NLB: Conducive Study Environment, but CRAZY Crowded
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The National Library Board (NLB) is one of the most iconic buildings in the Bugis area, with 13 glass-paneled floors housing over 600,000 media and print resources. If you’re in search of a book, whether it’s an academic journal on Singapore’s history or a Romantic-era play, you’ll definitely find it in the Lee Hong Chiang Reference Library.

With long wooden tables and chairs at almost every floor, NLB is an extremely popular study spot amongst JC, Polytechnic and university students. I spent a significant fraction of my JC study life mugging away at NLB. I find the silent, brightly-lit environment very conducive for work, although some of my friends can’t stand the complete silence. NLB can get insanely crowded though, especially as the exams approach. People even arrive before opening hours to queue for seats.

There are probably other study spots you can find around Singapore that are less crowded. NLB will remain as one of my top choices though. Its proximity to the Bugis street area means that you’ll never run out of lunch options, and with the newly-opened Downtown line, NLB is close enough to most places. Arriving early is a MUST, if you want to secure study seats.
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