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Go to the National Library at 100 Victoria Street. Book yourself in!

What a wonderful library. All thirteen floors are efficiently and well stocked and staffed. The Asian collection on three upper floors is amazing. Access to rare documents is relatively easy with efficient service available to provide you with the document or information you requite for your research (or reading pleasure). 

Not only is it a library: it is a cultural centre. The excellent theatre hosts musicals, plays and concerts. There are gardens and pools on various levels. The circular pod on the very top of the building provides magnificent vistas of Singapore.

But the real treasures are the books. This is a world-class library. It could hold its head high in any city, anywhere. Is it a tourist destination? Only if you needed a cool place to relax and unwind with a good book.

But don’t get upset. The main library in Bugis is but one. In addition to the excellent service provided by the National Library itself the regional libraries throughout Singapore are almost like a cohesive whole, offering efficient and pleasant assistance.

It is a pleasure to visit each and every one of Singapore's libraries, and the National Library is exceptional.

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