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Music Shops P prisailurophile July 12, 2012 297
A VCD/DVD store that is all over the island
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Overall Rating 
To be honest, I don't really differentiate between TS and Poh Kim much for they both sell similar (identical) products (I just enter the shop without really looking at the shop name most of the time). Both have their own promotions whereby you can snatch a deal (less than $10 for a movie). I think TS needs to be more different to stand out more so as to be the main choice for VCD/DVD consumers, if they intend to increase their market share that is.

Enough of blabbering, here's what I think about TS. Comparing between the two, I do prefer Poh Kim's lighting as it's more dim and comfortable to the eyes. TS always has a glaring white interior lighting which I personally disliked and found it straining to my eyes (the branch at Tampines Interchange at least).

Not sure if people prefer this service style but I do like TS service staff. They tend to not follow you around, offering you assistance and I prefer that since most of the time, I'm not looking for anything in particular and am just strolling around to see if any movies or drama catches my eye. If I really am indeed looking for a particular title, I would definitely approach them instead so I think there's no need to lurk behind me.

Pricing wise, TS is rather competitive, or should I say similar to competitors. Over the years, the prices of VCD/DVDs have generally fallen to a much affordable and value-for-money state. Instead of going to the movies for a date next time, you can always try shopping for a movie DVD and screen it from the comfort of your home (with a big tub of Ben & Jerry's in front of you) for a different experience.
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