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Instruments K kh September 29, 2012 740
Great place for ukulele lovers
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Before getting my tenor ukulele which I really love (more mellow, less cutesy!!), I was just playing on a soprano ukulele, the kind where you can get for a cheap price at Peninsula Plaza. My ukulele-playing friend suggested Ukulele Movement when I told her that I wanted to get a proper tenor ukulele! The name itself sounded professional, like if they are ONLY dealing with ukuleles, they must know their stuff damn well right? So I headed down to their store which is unfortunately very inaccessible but if you are familiar with Loysel's Toys, it somewhere around there.

Upon entering the shop, I see lots of ukuleles lined up neatly against the wall. The store is bright, well-lit, clean and extremely spacious so the ukuleles really stand out!! The man in the shop was very friendly and immediately asked if I needed any help. He asked for my experience with ukuleles, my budget and what I'm looking for. So I told him and he took some ukuleles for me to choose from. He even performed with the ukuleles and told me the differences and all the little details about the ukuleles. I walked away with a tenor ukulele and a soft carry case which is really well-made and sturdy despite it being a soft case. For the price I paid ($250+), I think it's a great deal because the case is included.

If you're a ukulele beginner, they have lessons for you as well. It's a one-stop station for all your ukulele needs and wants! For the intermediate and advanced players, if you are looking to upgrade your instrument or diversify your ukulele collection, this is definitely the place to visit. Highly recommended!!

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