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Others L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 144
Embrace your inner teenager and play games till midnight
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Until a few months ago, I’m pretty sure that I had never even been on a Playstation. Growing up I had a Nintendo Wii, but my inner child got a hold of me and before I knew it I had my very own Playstation 4. To see I had no idea how to set it up is an understatement, it may have all been in Russian, but now I have it going, I wonder how I even used to spend my time. Outside? Can’t even remember what that is.

The Playstation software is pretty much faultless. I went for the one with the smaller storage because it was cheaper, but I’m pretty certain that I’m never going to run out of space. The games run beautifully, barely ever have any issues with them, and the hardware also looks really sleek too, fitting into my living room perfectly.

The battery life of the controllers could be improved a little, but they’re quick to charge and can play them as they charge, so not really an issue at all. Whether you’ve had one since you were a kid or just want to buy one to relive your childhood game playing days, you will not regret a PS4 purchase.
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