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Universites I iswariya October 16, 2012 133
A degree for everyone
(Updated: March 05, 2013)
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I guess the general consensus is that SIM would have a place for you as long as you have the pockets deep enough to foot the bill. A degree is already a basic requirement these days, and plenty choose to go the SIM route if they cannot quality for local U. Don’t lose heart, people! As long as you get your first class honours, most employers would no doubt consider you.

Within SIM, there are a plethora of school choices like UOL and RMIT (the 2 most popular choices). Depending on your preference and study style (part time courses are aplenty), SIM offers a good selection that would serve to meet your needs.

The complaint I have for SIM is the lack of food options. Especially during lunch breaks (and we know that SIM consists of A NUMBER of universities which equates to hundreds of students), it would be nearly impossible to “grab a bite” as the queues are ridiculously long.
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