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Secondary Schools D delilah November 13, 2012 1775
A Special Place in my Heart
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Overall Rating 
My secondary school experience was like a whirlwind of emotions, adventures and craziness. That was where I met my best friend, entered into my first relationship, got backstabbed by whom I thought was my good friend, and did crazy things like having a water fight with the boys along the corridor after school and throwing paper airplanes at my teacher. From a timid girl who just did the most terrifying thing in her life back then (taking the PSLE), I grew to be bold and confident with the help of my teachers.

Frankly speaking, studying was the last thing on our minds because secondary school was all about 'discovering' ourselves and basically, doing stupid things. Every single emotion and experience all made me who I am today. I missed those times terribly!

Despite being a SAP school, Nan Hua is really a friendly neighbourhood school at heart. The teachers were like our friends! (My ex-form teacher is now my friend and we go out often for meals!) They not only push you academically, but also support you in your extra-curricular pursuits.

In conclusion, Nan Hua would always have a special place in my heart :)

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