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I just do not get parents' hype about it
(Updated: February 02, 2013)
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Overall Rating 
This school had made a name for itself. Many parents use all measures, moving closer to the school, doing volunteer work and even make vast monetary contributions to the school just for their child to enter the school. I do not know what makes so many parents want to send their child to the school, but I have a word of advice for parents prospecting to send their children there, don't.

I entered the school not because of its name or anything, but rather because I lived rather close and it was convenient to go to and fro from school. But honestly, after experiencing the school itself, I really wished I had gone to another primary school even if there would be inconvenience in travelling. Contrary to popular belief, their teaching methods are no where near extraordinary and are in fact pretty laid back and lousy, and I am proud to say that I got a pretty good PSLE score out of my own efforts in my studies and not because I was taught well.

Amongst the teachers, I would admit that there are the passionate and caring few, but the rest are really below average. In this school, for the first time I met even met a teacher who is really lazy and would give worksheets to do while she munched on titbits in class! To make things worse, their disciplinarians and principals really lack judgement and common sense. I was accused for something that I did not do more than once, and because of their gross lack in analytical ability and ability to execute fair and reasonable investigation and judgement, I was punished for things I did not do. I will remember them forever for those things, and for those parents who want to send your kids there for extraordinary/gifted teaching methods, I urge that you reconsider.

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