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Polytechnics D david-tan October 15, 2012 434
Not that bad afterall
(Updated: March 05, 2013)
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Nanyang Polytechnic was definitely not my first choice due to the location, but out of sheer desperation (losers cannot be choosers) and fear that I would end up with no school, I enrolled into the Business school.

I cannot say that I regret my decision because I have been exposed to many things that being in the West (SP/NP) would have never brought me. The compound is clean, new and relatively easy to navigate. It was a hassle during lunch breaks though, as the 4 canteens (South which I’ve only been to twice in 3 years) would ALWAYS be squeezed to the brim. It was a wonder how we ever got seats at all.

The shopping arcade (Cheers, stationery) is also useful to a certain extent.
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