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Experience French culture firsthand!
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I studied French at Alliance Francaise for about 5 years and it was there that my foundation in the language was laid. When I first started, the lessons mainly consisted of singing French songs and watching French shows for children. As my French improved, I changed classes - quite a few times over the 5 years - and ended up in a class of teens.

I think that at Alliance Francaise, the lessons really depend on your teacher - sometimes, I got a teacher who drilled us mercilessly with mountains of French exercises and practices; a few other times, I got a teacher who was more laid-back and let us eat and play French games in class. Of course, the downside to this is that we don't get to choose our teacher. Thus, if a more hardworking student gets the more laid-back teacher, he or she might not be satisfied. Of course, while the more laid-back teachers teach less of the language itself, they show us more of what the French culture is like - playing games, watching French movies, etcetera. Once, I even had a teacher who brought camembert cheese (a French cheese) to class.

Lessons aside, Alliance Francaise also has French movies which screen weekly, allowing us to improve on the language or just appreciate the French culture through film.

However, the only place to get food at Alliance Francaise is at the Olio Cafe on the third floor, which I find sells overpriced food which isn't exactly excellent. I usually grab a light snack from the 7-11 at Newton MRT before heading over to Alliance Francaise for lessons.

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