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Place to meet AWESOME people!!!
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Overall Rating 
I am currently a student in Alliance learning French. The place looks really cool in terms of the colourful glass panels and the staircases that go up to the 4th storey. A word of caution is never buy food or drinks there. Simply extortion of money! Just bring your own water and maybe small bites for lesson.

Their style of teaching varies from teacher. There is the serious kind that gives you tests and there are those that simply make the session a really relaxing one. Well, there are pros and cons to it. As for the course fees, I would say that it is reasonable compared to many other language school. However expect a really long break during the 3 hr lesson. What can I say; the French have a really bad concept of time.

As for the cultural performance and movie screenings, I feel that they are adequate enough to allow someone who is learning French to be fully immerse in the French culture. Once I went for a Dance event hosted by Alliance, I ended up dancing with a stranger! How exotic is that!!! Intimacy is no issue for the French, kissing or touching between love ones aren’t objected or even despised. So if you are sick of the Asian culture maybe you can try to explore other cultures. Widen your perspective!
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