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Driving Schools I iswariya October 22, 2012 3533
Good location and easy to use booking system
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Overall Rating 
I learnt manual driving at BBDC 4 years ago but I can still remember my experiences there vividly, perhaps it is due to the fact that I could not wait to pass my driving!

Registering was a breeze and the staff were patient in explaining how everything worked, for instance, how to book a practical lesson, how the instructors were allocated and so on. Going for a lesson was easy too. All you had to do was book a session online and on the day itself, you just had to go to one of the booking machines and print out a booking slip.

There is a canteen next to the waiting area where you can buy some snacks/food while waiting for your lesson to start. However, that made the air-conditioned place a bit smelly, with an oily smell lingering in the air.

The instructors are very professional in teaching you all the driving skills and will ensure you are competent in executing a certain driving move before allowing you to learn more.

I would highly recommend anyone who is caught between wanting to take private lessons or going to a driving school, to sign up at a driving school. It is much easier to book your practical lessons and the instructors there will prepare you according to how the real practical test will be carried out. I passed on my first try which was a huge relief! It cost me about $1.2k for all my driving lessons, driving test and misc expenses.

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