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At first I was quite intimidated at how the theory system works, but once I took my BTT, I understood their intentions; because TP employs a Computerized Theory Test (CTT) system, where you take the theory test using a touchscreen monitor, I realized what BBDC wanted is to simulate you as close as you can to the CTT (to the point where they also hired the same company who also built the CTT to develop their practice/evaluation system), using touchscreen monitors and answer explanations during practice to better understand the reasons behind the answer to a question. I flunked my first evaluation for basic, but after investing in 2-3 more practices, I passed my evaluation, headed straight for BTT and got full marks. I would actually head back there just for the FTT for my Class 3 in the future, as I am well-versed into the practice/evaluation system, despite the travel (I live on the east side, but public transportation isn't really an issue for me)
Practical wise, the instructors are very detailed about their requirements plus tips and tricks to accomplish what they wanted for the practical lesson, before you can move on to the next stage. Many of them are very nice and are willing to put the extra mile to ensure you get the best training experience.
Remember, driving license is not a "save-as-much-as-you-can", you would rather be investing in practices (theory, practical) to get better scores and fewer demerit points for your tests. Yes, money is a big factor when you are taking your license, but cutting corners ain't gonna work. I learnt that when I didn't book for a Revision Circuit and was a few points away from having to retake my 5.02, which is a circuit evaluation before you can hit the road subjects.
One more tip, regardless driving or riding, have some patience, both towards your instructor and the traffic, inside or outside; the circuit can get traffic holdups at some point, but take the time (if you are driving), to clarify with your instructor on your burning questions regarding anything, that'll boost your learning experience.
Just a gripe would be the previously-mentioned circuit size, but I'm fine with it, since I am already too used to holdups like these.

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