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Others W wangkh January 12, 2013 77
Prices may not be the cheapest, but you get good service
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I once paid a visit to Stamford Tyres because my regular tyre shop closed down. I went to their megamart at Kaki Bukit.

The place is impressive to say the least and even that is not enough to do it justice. Even before you reach the place, your nose will pick out the scent of rubber that is unmistakable. I was presented with a bewildering array of tyres but for me the choice was quite easy as I am a fan of Falken tyres.

What I liked about the sales guy is that I was not pressured to purchase a more expensive set of tyres. I was asked for my budget and a preferred brand, if any. I requested for a set of ST115s. Those tyres are pretty old school but instead of being greeted with raised eyebrows, he offered to check. Best thing was there was a waiting lounge, well stocked with car magazines.

I was told that I was in luck as there was 1 set of 4 left but he would need some time to dig them up. No problem for me as the lounge was too comfy for me to leave. In the end, it took 1 hour but I had a good 1 hour nap as well, on top of a new set of tyres. What more can a bum ask for? By the way, they cost me 410 dollars.

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