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A home-grown bike sharing platform that is now global, with in-built GPS systems and bluetooth lock technology so that there's no need to look for docking stations. 

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Cycling made easy
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The first of its kind in Singapore, oBike is a stationless smart bike share system that also proves to be one of more user-friendly ones available. Sweet deals that include riding for free on a public holiday are often given, and their bicycles even have built-in GPS systems that you can track with oBike’s mobile application.

While this made it very easy for me to locate the nearest bike available and prevents people from stashing them at home, the bikes are on the heavier side and can be slightly cumbersome - making them ideal only if you’re looking for a serious workout. It’ll be good to note too that a refundable deposit ($49, discounted price of $19 for students) has to be paid beforehand, and only via credit or debit card.
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