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Comfy Comfort Cabs!
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Overall Rating 
Comfort Cabs are certainly comfortable what with it's leather padded seats. However, Comfort Cab should also aid fellow passengers by implanting the words 'Slippery' and 'Bouncy' beside the usual words of comfort.

I was running late for school! My father was already at work and I misplaced my EZ-Link card of all days! Armed with only a thin stack of cash, I hopped into a blue cab nearby. The words Comfort Del Gro emblazoned across the windows. My senses prickled higher thanks to the distance. The journey to my school is a long one. Gazillions of kilometres ahead. Completely at the other edge of Singapore. I didn't realise how bouncy these Comfort Cabs were till I had to ride it for quite a distance! King Koil springs seemed to have been embedded within these leather seats! I wasn't bothered though. It was akin to a gentle yet consistent turbulence.

I dozed off. The cab swerved all of a sudden. My seatbelt wasn't locked in place and I found myself jolted awake, sliding across the other end of the cab. It was temporarily terrifying, albeit a little thrilling. Comfort Cab could certainly defeat some of the rides at USS. However, Comfort Cabs should also issue out that warning; not for the faint hearted.

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