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Airline P poppy March 03, 2013 160
Not too shabby
(Updated: March 04, 2013)
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Cathay Pacific is my to-go airline company whenever I head overseas. They serve decent meals (chicken with rice, anyone?), have a friendly crew and nothing much I can complain about. The seats for the 2-4-2 configuration — while ideal for couples — are actually smaller than those for the 3-3-3 configuration.

However, after taking a SQ flight recently, Cathay seems to pale in comparison. One good example would be the flexibility to select programmes as and when you wish on SQ, whereas Cathay would play the movies straight away and you do not get the liberty to rewind/pause it.

Tip: look out for their frequent promotions! Also, tickets for Cathay Pacific are cheaper on Zuji due to the fact that destinations to, say, Seoul have a layover at Hong Kong. So effectively you’re making up for the $$ savings in time.
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