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My few visits to Malaysia has always been solely enjoyable, until my lastest visit with Five Stars Tours.

The morning of the first day started off pretty fine except for some delays at the gather-point. To be fair, there were too many things agent had to take care off - taking attendance and bringing our luggages to the coach. She was in-charged of two of the coaches which I think was too much for her to handle.

On my way to Cameroon Highlands, the coach broke down in the middle of the highway. As the replacement coach will need about 2 hours to reach us, we were told to get hitch by another coach at the rest point. As the other coach was already full, only half of our passengers were able to board standing till the door. Just as things seem to be going on fine, it started to rain. We waited for the replacement coach for nearly 7 hours at the rest stop. And by the time we reached Cameroon Highlands, it was way past midnight. Imagine our frustration and helplessness.

On our way back to Singapore, the coach broke down, again. By then, we were all already laughing it off saying that the coach doesn't want us to return. Fortunately, the wait for the replacement coach took only about 30 minutes.

Well, my trip was still good despite some hip-cups here and there. The coaches breaking down one after another throughout my trip had allowed me some insights as I was able to gaze at the surroundings more. I saw "Kampongs" with roosters and chicks running around, perspiration on their head and bodies as people work. I couldn't feel any luckier to be born in Singapore and enjoying so many benefits. Things that I have been taking granted for, such as transportation. At least I do not have to experience bus breaking down on a regular basis whenever I go out.
So to be fair, despite there are still many rooms for improvements on the agency side, I feel that it is still a good trip.
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October 05, 2012
Omg what a horrible experience you had to go through! Its great you still managed to view things from a positive outlook. I would have been super mad and demanded for some serious compensation.
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