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Insurance Agencies I iswariya October 17, 2012 1689
Good salesperson
(Updated: May 11, 2014)
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Overall Rating 
Despite being a teenager, I deeply believed in saving money for the rainy days not just for emergency purposes but also for future uses. When my aunt knew that I am keen in purchasing a saving insurance, she recommended me a salesperson in this company. Days later, he contacted me and have a followed up.

I do believe that insurance should be built up based on referral rather than blindly finding customers or doing cold calling. It just seems kind of useless as not much consumers have trust in that insurance agent too. (I mean, some might quit halfway and other agent have to take over during the contract policy)

Through his presentation and detailed explanation, it gained me more knowledge of how I would save more money for myself in the future. After I have purchased the saving insurance, my agent still sends me a thank you card. Although he could not earn much from a student’s insurance commission, his small actions are thoughtful too. I believe that majority of the agents would recommend their clients to purchase policy that is beneficial to them (more commission) as compared to it being beneficial to the client.

I really hope that there are more agents out there who care about the small details and built up their referral support. This way client and agent would have more mutual trust especially in terms of monetary.

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