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Employment Agencies D david-tan January 11, 2013 345
Not too bad
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Recruit Express is probably the most famous recruitment agency in Singapore as of now. You can see plenty of their advertisements on job search sites e.g. JobsCentral, JobsDB etc.

The way they work is simple — they would assign one agent to you (even though you may email a few for jobs) who would be in charge of contacting you with job offers. The weird part about the process is that they never seem to appear as if they have read your resume — they would instead arrange a time for a 1 to 1 meeting and assess your abilities and preferences then.

Some recruitment agents may be pushy and recommend all sorts of jobs that you do not wish to apply for (for their own commission, I suppose). The pay part was rather punctual though, in my case. As expected, they take a commission from part of your pay which may be unfair to some.
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