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I’m not writing this just to praise about this company. Instead, I felt the need to share my experience and recommend this to people Although MCi Career Services Pte Ltd only open in 2008, I believe it has a promising number of clients and individuals like me who will return back whenever I’m looking for a temporary or part-time jobs. Happened to chance upon this company (which is my current temporary job right now), I send my resume over to them.

They were so efficient that I received a call the following days. The Human Resource officer still did lots of follow up (she called like thrice a day, helping me to make appointment for interview with my current employers etc). When everything was done, she sends me a detailed list of direction that I could follow to reach her office. (Really like it when people are attention to detail).

Next, when I went over to the employer’s company for interview, the salesperson still call over and asked me how did the interview goes, how do I feel about their company, Am I keen in working here etc? Really felt heart-warming when all the previous employment films did nothing as mentioned above. I took the job that is being offered. On my first day, she called me after an hour of my work and asked how my work is going.

The most important information that I would like to share is their profit. As most recruitment films earn through employees, MCi earn through employers. Isn’t that great? Who likes it when our pay are pass on from companies to the recruitment films and they took a certain percentage before giving us our pay. Definitely, I would choose the films who earn through employers as my pay will not be cut and they get their pay once I fulfilled the three months contract.

A win-win situation.

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