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Western Restaurants K kaychow March 01, 2013 233
nothing like the name suggests
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Captivated by the extraordinary name and the countless I walked by it to get to other eateries in tanjong pagar, there has always been a mental note to check out this cafe.

One day, as my friends and I were on the way to maxwell food market for dinner, we walked by this small cafe tucked in a small corner of tanjong pagar again. On impluse, we decided to have dinner there instead.

I decided to go for the beef burger and my friends got a portobello and salmon burger. The burgers were average, portions were way too small. But what really impressed me was the exceptionally good service. When the waitress was serving us, she accidentally dropped some of the side potato salad. She immediately went back and gave us another plate of potato salad. The other waitress also entertained our ridiculous request to pay separately with no complains.

This good service is what will bring me back for more.
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