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Western Restaurants A alfy May 22, 2012 126
nice food, warm place.
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A nice place to chill and have some drinks, but it gets really warm on some days. If possible, get a seat outside, and avoid the seats all the way in though it seems like a comfortable place with sofa.

Ordered Frienzie Nachos, a big plate of it served with a bowl of cheese and sauces. Great snack for sharing, and the cheese can be used to dip your fries as there's really a lot of it. Their main dishes come in quite big portions, so you'll definitely be filled when you leave. Their hickory chicken is recommended! So are their fish & chips, and pork ribs. The fish & chips are crispy and yummy. Pork ribs came in quite a large portion, and are delicious!! You should order these dishes, and share within friends, to be able to try all of them. It's easy to split the portions for these dishes. The pink tuna salad ordered came with tuna that weren't exactly pink... Tasted fine though, but was kinda disappointed as we wanted to see how pink it could get.

Sometimes it's a little difficult to understand what the staffs are trying to say, but it isn't much of a problem as they are able to understand us. Another important point, is that this place is dog friendly! So bring your pet friends here and enjoy some good food and drinks.
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