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Western Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 331
Good food and service :)
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I went to the one next to SAN (Singapore Art Museum) on a weekend noon and I had to wait for quite some time before a seat was available. Be there early!

The service is good in the sense that everything was done as fast as possible.. But I dont remember the staff smiling or looking at all glad to be serving us.
There are items being sold in Food For Thought which you could browse through while waiting for your food.

I usually order the seafood risotto. Comes with squid and prawns. It is tasty, not too rich nor overpowering. The seafood is fresh too. The serving may seem too little but it is actually very filling- for me at least. I am not a very big eater so.. well it may be too small after all if you are a big eater.

The breakfast set is also quite worth the money- I really liked this bready thing.. Is it called a brioche?? The scrambled eggs are nicely done and the hash browns are not like your Macdonalds hashbrowns- they are so milky and they come in cute little takoyaki-looking balls!

A little on the expensive side, but priced like any other restaurants of its type. Worth a visit.

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